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hai all, how's life? mine's so far so good hehe.  when i was about to take some photos oudoor, the weather was sooo unfriendly, so i decided to take it on the living room of my house. Due to the dark and bad weather, the photos didn't turn out well (you can see below), but yeaah i still wanna make a post on my blog haha. so yeaaaah, i think that's all, hope you all have  great days!!

 oh yaaa, the cute girl from http://www.linitrinh.com/ is throwing a giveaway!! *yayness she's throwing the same giveaway which i've posted on my previous post. she'll give the lucky winner a dress from www.inlovewithfashion.com i also join this giveaway, and still i want the same dress on my previous post, which is :

for more info just click the links up there :)
good luck good luck!!



thrifted top skirt & bag, juneandjulia shoes

Hello everyone!! wassup? hope everything's fine. Well, i've been bored w/ my holiday, i just stay on this shitty upps city (i mean)Anw, I'm a college girl now ;) and it'll be started on September. I kinda miss my high school times, the vibe the euphoria and everything,but i don't miss being given much homework, i miss my friends and the food on canteen, of course heehe. So I just wish your days will be great! Cheers!!



unbranded brogues, knit&co white top, thrifted bag and dress
hi! the bee's back! i've been soooooo busy with my course (again...) i feel so stressed out sometimes but yeeah we have to take the greatest risk to reach the brightest future, isn't it?? ;p look at the #2 photo and sorry for that yucky paper, yaks! haha it's May now and i can't believe that time flies so fast, just like a G6!!! *sigh* my time's almost running out and i can't wait to attend my promnite wohhhoooo :D okay, that's all and i gotta go now byee!


the class photoshoot

as i promised you guys, this is my class photoshoot themed "PICNIC" . it took place at Kampung Ladang, a place for you to have a nice picnic :)

all of us

the girls

the guy

with my best girls ever!


thanks for being such a warm friends for me, i love you all!!! we've sared the laughters and the tears and you'll always be in special place on my heart :)))


recent looks

These are some of my outfits while i'm not blogging and I just wanna tell you that about a month ago, me and my classmates did a photoshoot themed "PICNIC" which is gonna be posted on the next post. Yayyy!! ;)



A comeback!

it's been almost a year since my last post. i feel so sorry, yeah it's my bad :( i've been being a bussy bee lately. but yesterday, when i was daydreaming i was like "OH GOD, I should do a comeback to my blog!" And now, here I am :)) I'm on my last year in senior high school so, all my time's used for studying and course-ing. Oh please just give me some luck so i will be graduated well and enter the state university which 1've been dreaming of. I've said my piece, sooo I gotta go! Bye!

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(vintage knitted top, mrfreddy skirt, unbranded oxfords and bag)